In high school, I spent some time generating fractales, mostly using Javascript and the web worker API. Some of the results are in the gallery and around the website. I based myself on a pdf by Draves and Reckase. Their technique, called fractale flame, gives beautiful fractales with very nice colors. It is based on a classical iterated function system, where the functions are allowed to be non linear. The vibrant colors are due to a simple trick. The brightness of a point is given by the log-density of amount of times it was visited instead of a linear density or none. Under are 3 different examples.

I also coded at that time a small online app, where you can generate various fractales with this density, available here. You may have trouble launching it if your browser does not allow web workers. You may also have trouble with french, but there isn’t that much to understand. It is based on transformation of the view into a smaller quadrilateral via interpolation of the sides. For example, the following screenshot consists of 3 different squares set to red, green and blue.

After clicking “Lancer”, waiting a moment and “Rendu”, we get the following image which is the Sierpiński triangle.

It is possible to set precise coordinates to get a more aligned image and to use gamma correction to make it look brighter. It is not possible to get all the images in the gallery using this app but one can get Barnsley’s fern and a lot of other nice images, when playing a bit.

Here are a few codes that you can input under “Charger” and see how it looks like:

  • 0:0:1:1:500:500:10000:0.8:1,1;0;0:0;1:0;0.5:0;0:1;1,1;0;0:1;0:0.5;0:0;0:1;1,1;0.5;0:0.6;0.6:0;0.5:0.4;0.4:0.5;0
  • 0:0:1:1:500:500:10000:0.8:1,0;0;1:0;1:0;0.5:0;0:1;1,0;0;1:1;0:0.5;0:0;0:1;1,0;0;1:0.3;0.3:0.2;0.8:0.7;0.7:0.8;0.2
  • -1:-1:1:1:500:500:100000:0.7:1,1;1;0.5:-1;1:-1;0:-1;-1:0;0,1;1;0.5:-1;-1:0;-1:1;-1:0;0,1;1;0.5:1;-1:1;0:1;1:0;0,1;1;0.5:1;1:0;1:-1;1:0;0,1;0;0:-0.5;0.5:0;0:0.5;-0.5:-0.5;-0.5,1;0;0:-0.5;-0.5:0;0:0.5;0.5:0.5;-0.5,1;0;0:0.5;-0.5:0;0:-0.5;0.5:0.5;0.5,1;0;0:0.5;0.5:0;0:-0.5;-0.5:-0.5;0.5
  • This one is in the gallery: 0:0.28:1:0.8425:1920:1080:100000:1:1,1;1;1:0.32;0.782:0.762;0.78:0.578;0.252:0.578;0.252,1;1;1:0.198;0.334:0.448;0.552:0.41;0.398:0.28;0.544,1;1;1:0.002;0.992:0.992;0.006:0.998;0.994:0.01;0.016,1;1;1:0.204;0.95:0.92;0.954:0.944;0.044:0.924;0.606,1;1;1:0.786;0.96:0.006;0.95:0.018;0.448:0.016;0.05

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